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We would like to thank Brother Mitch Karig, Beta Pi '76 for sending in these great old photos. If you have photos or memories that you would like to share, click HERE to submit an alumni update.

Alumni Photos Alumni Photos

"Julia and the Boys"

Seated: R. Sussman, Julia, R. Epstein

Standing: B. Wolfson, J. Catania, L. Tarnoff, G. Ormond, S. Pyun, J. Herman, J. Levine

"Old Guard"

J. Moore, D. Schreiber, D. Sheridan



Alumni Photos Alumni Photos

"Scott Mackler"

Seated: S. Mackler

Standing: G. Ormond, J. Cohen, H. Mackler, J. Catania, M. Cohen, R. Holeman, B. Wolfson

"Alumni Relations Award"

G. Ormond, J. Catania, J. Cohen, R. Holeman, M. Cohen


Alumni Photos

"Alumni Association Award"

G. Ormond, J. Catania, B. Wolfson, M. Cohen