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Ivy League Suspends Fall SportsOn July 8, 2020, the Ivy League announced that all intercollegiate fall sports for the 2020 season were suspended indefinitely and that there will be rescheduling for its winter sports programs for health and safety reasons.

The Ivy League Council of Presidents issued a joint statement, ”With the information available to us today regarding the continued spread of the virus, we simply do not believe we can create and maintain an environment for intercollegiate athletic competition that meets our requirements for safety and acceptable levels of risk, consistent with the policies that each of our schools is adopting as part of its reopening plans this fall.”

The Ivy League, the first intercollegiate conference to cancel its men’s and women’s basketball championship tournaments this past spring, is now the first to suspend its football season and all other fall sports. It is expected that other conferences, that do not rely heavily on revenues from collegiate football to pay expenses associated with football and other sports teams, will follow suit. Within ten days subsequent to the Ivy League statement, the Patriot League and the Atlantic 10 Conference canceled all winter sports. Conferences that generate significant revenues from football, via ticket sales, concessions, team memorabilia, corporate sponsorships, and radio/television contracts, can be expected to delay cancellations and/or rescheduling until the last possible moment, in the hope that the coronavirus can be controlled, or its effects better treated, to safely allow play.

At this time, the Ivy League suspension extends to January 1, 2021. If the suspension does end on January 1, 2021, it is possible that football and/or other fall sports, including sprint football, that has several Beta Pi players on the team roster, can be rescheduled in the winter season of 2021. Penn plays sprint football as a member of the Collegiate Sprint Football League (CSFL), not the Ivy League. Cornell is the only other Ivy League school to field a sprint football team. Within ten days after the Ivy League decision to cancel all fall sports, the CSFL canceled the season. There will be no sprint football in 2020 except for CSFL members Army and Navy. The service academies are considering a home and away competition. If the other non-Ivy League schools in the CSFL are unable or unwilling to reconvene after New Year’s Day to discuss playing during the winter season, perhaps Penn can play Cornell for the “Ivy League” championship.