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Beta Pi Undergraduates Stay Connected During Pandemic By Jacob Keller, Beta Pi '20

When our chapter first heard the coming school year would be fully online, we were crestfallen at our inability to physically come together in the chapter house. But we knew that we would still be able to congregate as a brotherhood even if it would take a different form. We have already held several events, including a virtual poker night, and the brotherhood chairmen are consistently planning future events to keep us connected. “I work to plan events once every two weeks to give brothers a chance to see each other,” brotherhood chair David Todaro, Beta Pi ’20, said.

Maintaining brotherhood is not the only issue our chapter has had to face in these uncertain times. With the stringent rules on Penn’s campus, undergraduates in Philadelphia have had to continuously adhere and learn the new university regulations. In order to best comply, every household with multiple brothers has put forth a full Covid management plan for their joint living spaces. In addition, we are taking full advantage of Penn provided testing. We are all doing our part to keep the brotherhood as healthy as possible.

Academics have been another struggle that we have had to overcome together. Although we spent the last half of the previous semester online, beginning this semester remotely has been its own struggle. The mix of asynchronous and synchronous lectures and equally unsure teachers have left quite the full plate for all of us in figuring out our schedules and workload. But with a renewed focus on internal brotherhood tutoring and academics, we have been successfully transitioning.

Despite all of the adversity, our chapter is still able to function and prosper. We were able to finally initiate the Alpha Delta class who have been awaiting initiation since the Spring. Though everything is now virtual, the spirit of our brotherhood is still strong and growing. We plan to keep you, as alumni, updated through these unique times.