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Shield & Diamond Honors Beta Pi BrothersThe Autumn 2020 issue of Shield & Diamond magazine has recognized many Beta Pi brothers for their financial contributions and/or volunteering their time and efforts toward the continued success of Pi Kappa Alpha Inter/National fraternity.

Bill Scott ’76 was welcomed as a new member of the President’s Council. Members of the President’s Council donate $1,000 or more annually to the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation, the education department of the fraternity. Presently, Beta Pi chapter has more members of the President’ Council than any other of the approximately 225 chapters and provisional chapters (Pi Kappa Alpha no longer refers to them as colonies).

Ronak Bhagia ’19 was thanked for his donations to the phi phi k a Club. Ronak’s contributions will benefit the Beta Pi Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF). The CEF provides scholarships for Beta Pi undergraduates attending PIKE University leadership events. Presently, Beta Pi chapter has the largest CEF than any other chapter or provisional chapter. All Beta Pi undergraduates are encouraged to attend these events that have been independently ranked as the finest in the fraternity world. All Beta Pi undergraduates, who have attended PIKE University events in the last year received scholarships.

Congratulations to Lawrence Israeloff ’83 for having achieved Shield & Diamond Society status. Members of the Shield & Diamond Society are recognized for lifetime cumulative donations greater than $1,000 to the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation.

It was announced that the following Beta Pi brothers received scholarships for outstanding academic and/or leadership performance in the 2019-2020 academic year:

  • Dave Herman Memorial Scholarship: Viruj V. Menon ‘17
  • Scott Mackler, MD, PhD, True Grit Scholarship: Ernesto A. Alcantar ‘17
  • Gregg J. Ormond Memorial Fund: Ronak Bhagia ’19, Sunjae Chung ’19, Gabriel Muro ’18     


Pi Kappa Alpha’s Volunteer Recognition Program thanked Harvey Mackler ’72, for 10 years of continuous service, and Bruce Wolfson ’71, for 20 years of continuous service as volunteers to Pi Kappa Alpha.

It was announced that Mitchell T. Victor, at Gamma Rho chapter, Northwestern University, was awarded the Scott Mackler, MD, PhD, Medical Memorial Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Winter 2020 issue of Shield and Diamond magazine recognized that this year is the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Beta Pi Chapter. The recent pronouncement was complete with a photo of 26 of the 30 original charter members.

Congratulations and thank you to all mentioned above and all others who donate their time and money to ensure the continuing success of Pi Kappa Alpha.