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A Tribute to Joe Livezey

Chapter Eternal - Joseph Livezey, Beta Pi ‘56It is with deep regret to inform all Beta Pi brethren of the passing of Joe Livezey, Beta Pi ‘56, Penn ’59. Brother Livezey’s death was made known to the Beta Pi Alumni Association by his daughter, Anne, who wrote that Joe would be reunited with his dear departed wife, Bonnie, whose death in 2017 came after over 55 years of marriage. She adds, “As a CPA, he devoted over 45 years in public finance with the same company. In his retirement, he devoted his time to his wife, family, fraternity brothers, and friends. His strong sense of love, faith and positivity was attributed to his parents and Quaker foundation as he was a lifelong member of the Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting”. 

A lifelong friend of Joe Moore, Jr., Beta Pi ’45, brother Livezey made many more friends through the years at Pi Kappa Alpha. Those responding to notice of his death were Beta Pi brothers Joel Catania ’71Paul Zaentz ’69Ed Shamy ’74J. Conrad Bosley ’61Marty Conroy ’72Joe Moore III ’71Steve Leventhal ’67Bruce Wolfson ’71Fred Rubin ’80Rich Sussman ’69Rich Myers ’69, Joel Friedland ’74Jerry Herman ’72, and Morty Cohen ’65. 

Brother Livezey never missed a Founders Day. In his many years as chapter advisor, he used to visit the chapter house once a month to “go over the books”. It was often said, by one of Beta Pi’s treasurers, that he learned more about accounting from brother Livezey than he learned from Wharton. He started his visits when the chapter house was located at 3900 Locust Street. Later, he would go to 3916 Spruce Street, the chapter house that he was so influential in creating – participating in selecting the site and overseeing the financial aspects of the construction. 

Among the comments made in deference to “a good and loyal Pike”, were that he “gave so much of his time to our chapter”, “We could all emulate his dedication to Beta Pi”, “selfless on our behalf”, “reassuring face and presence”, and that he would be “missed by everyone”. 

Individual tributes to brother Livezey came from: 

Paul Zaentz: “While Joe seemed ancient when we would meet during our undergraduate years, now it feels like he was too young to die”. 

Rich Myers: “We were incredibly lucky to have him as a chapter advisor as we were to have him involved with our brethren who built the house”. 

Jerry Herman: “Kind and generous with his time, knowledge, and passion for the fraternity…He was an outstanding gentleman and alumnus…over the six decades I have known him”. 

Bruce Wolfson: “Evoking the essential Joe is the best tribute and a great gift to all of us who remember him so fondly. His dedication to PiKA, his genuine engagement with undergrads across the generational and cultural differences, and his unfailing smile and warmth will be missed. His memory will be cherished by Beta Pi brothers for many years to come”. 

Morty Cohen: “His ongoing commitment and dedication to the brothers of PiKA have been a guiding light to many of our alumni during their formative years in college. His knowledge and wisdom have transcended generations and influenced many lives. Joe Livezey was a significant reason that Pi Kappa Alpha has succeeded on Penn’s campus during the 65 years he was a brother. He is a prime example of ‘Once a Pike, always a Pike’.” 

Our sincerest condolences are extended to brother Livezey’s children, Joseph Jr., Thomas, and Anne, his grandchildren, Jocelyn and Luke, his siblings, Mabel and Thomas, and to all other members of his family. 

Chapter Eternal - Joseph Livezey, Beta Pi ‘56