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Scott Krase,Beta Pi '86

Pi Kappa Alpha has always had a strong commitment to charity and social awareness. One of our brothers has devised a unique and innovative method that provides quicker and enhanced results dedicated to the desires and wishes of the donors. Scott Krase, Beta Pi ’86, is the founder of one2one USA Foundation. The one2one USA Foundation was founded, according to its website, “to create a charitable vehicle that facilitates grants to individuals in a manner that would be tax-deductible and completely transparent to the donor so they could follow their funds, witness the impact to their donee and know how each dollar was spent.” 

Independent groups or individuals, dedicated to a particular philanthropic purpose, contact one2one to make use of its expertise, experience, and proficiency in raising and administering funds. One2one helps these groups to focus their energy and abilities to further their aims and goals. After learning the group’s “aims and goals”, one2one will then locate potential donees, gather information pertaining to their eligibility, and disburse grants to those applicants found acceptable based on merit, need, and other relevant factors. As there may be disparities in size and possible financial backing, one2one will customize a business plan for each group that will work to have the greatest impact in the shortest time. 

One of the largest programs was initiated by Jeff Serota, Beta Pi ’85, and his wife Peir, for the purpose of aiding small businesses in the Manhattan Beach, California, community. Businesses in that area were suffering closures and restrictions due to the onset of COVID-19. With the help of one2one, $600,000 was raised over a period of three months. It was distributed to 47 small business individuals in the Manhattan Beach area. The program for Manhattan Beach was named “Local Love for Manhattan Beach” (LLMB). The advantages of creating a charity dedicated for a single purpose is its simplicity. Donors know exactly where and how the money is being used, and it is distributed quickly and efficiently. 

A donee in the LLMB program expressed her thanks, “It is a huge relief not having to worry about making rent or finding enough customers right away. I’m grateful to LLMB and one2one for this grant, and very touched that the community cared so much about my small shop.” 

The Serotas indicated their pleasure with the results, “We could not be more excited to provide funds for the personal financial obligations of these families, so they can direct their attention to opening their businesses and not stress about normal household expenses”. 

Other examples of one2one’s accomplishments can be found in the Philadelphia area. One2one joined with a local family foundation to fund the Philadelphia Restaurant Workers COVID-19 Relief Program. Intended to directly assist restaurant workers, who were adversely affected by COVID-19, with their personal, family, and/or living expenses, one2one dispensed nearly $200,000 to 320 individuals. 

One of the recipients offered this testimonial, “I want to express my sincerest thank you for this grant to the donors, and the one2one USA team. We are all trying to adjust and make the best of uncertain times. Many days I do not know what to do, am unsure of myself and what the future holds. 


Jeff Serota, Beta Pi ’85

However, the gesture of kindness through this grant has given me hope to continue and look forward to better days to come.” 

A Board member from the local foundation expressed thanks to one2one, I am beyond ecstatic that we were able to execute the fund, and to help people badly in need. I will forever be highly appreciative of the one2one team for making this a success.” 

Also in Philadelphia, the Stay Strong Philly Program sought to assist small business owners whose businesses were adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first couple weeks, the program was able to raise $105,000 that was granted to 21 small business owners. 

Brother Krase makes the following observation, “We believe our organization was designed to meet this moment in time. There are businesses and communities throughout America that need help right now, and there are countless individuals who want to help by providing fast, effective financial aid. Our foundation bridges that gap.”