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ALUMNI NEWS AND UPDATESShield and Diamond Salutes Beta Pi Brothers

The autumn 2021 issue of Shield and Diamond magazine lauded Beta Pi brothers for their loyalty and service to Pi Kappa Alpha.

As part of Pi Kappa Alpha Inter/National’s Volunteer Recognition Program, Richard P. Myers ’69 and Charles J. Heinz III ’13 were thanked for five years of consecutive volunteer service at the international level.

In recognition of their outstanding scholastic and/or leadership performance during the 2020-21 academic year, the following Beta Pi brothers received scholarships:

Dave Herman Memorial Scholarship: Connor W. McQuillan ‘18

Scott Mackler MD, PhD, True Grit Scholarship: Tyler J. Moorehead ‘18

Gregg J. Ormond Memorial Scholarship: Obed Antoine ’19, Jonathan Garza-Cantu ’19, and Adam Salahdine ‘20

Of interest to all Beta Pi members, the recipient of the Scott Mackler MD, PhD Medical School Memorial Scholarship was William E. Siler from Central Arkansas University, Epsilon Phi ’17.



Annual NYC Beta Pi Dinner Information

We have a date and a place for the annual Beta Pi dinner organized and hosted by Jeff Kaufman, Beta Pi ‘80:

Date: Wednesday Dec 8.

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Calle Ocho Restaurant, 2756 Broadway at 106th St.

We are working through the menu and will get back to you with cost at some point in the near future. Proof of vaccination is required for admittance into the restaurant.

Any person wishing to attend can contact Jeff Kaufman at:


Wedding News

Congratulations to Fred Rubin ’80 and wife Laura on the wedding of their daughter Melanie to Cody Armstrong. The wedding ceremony was officiated by Melanie’s brother, Jordan Rubin.

The wedding took place on Sunday, October 10, 2021, at bucolic Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts.

The wedding had been postponed twice due to Covid 19. It was originally scheduled to take place over a year ago.

Beta Pi’s in attendance were Jeff Kaufman, Lawrence Orans, Buddy Altus, and Ross Weiner, all from the 1980 initiation class.