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BETA PI’S GENEROUS RESPONSE TO THE PIKE NOW CHAPTER CHALLENGEPi Kappa Alpha Inter/National Fraternity has sponsored the PIKE Now Chapter Challenge, a fund-raising event designed to address the negative effects that the COVID-19 restrictions have had on fraternity life across the nation. Beta Pi has played a valuable role and has been an important factor in facing this crisis.

Over the last 18 plus months, the virtual fraternity experience has placed a strain on the ability of our undergraduate brothers to manage and operate their chapters. Pi Kappa Alpha has realized that “…our members have little experience conducting basic functions like running in-person chapter meetings, initiation ceremonies, or recruitment events. Access to leadership training and health and safety support has never been more critical.”

To confront and resolve these problems, PiKA initiated the PIKE Now Chapter Challenge setting a goal to raise $200,000 to address mental health issues, provide operational support, raise leadership skills, and promote personal development by focusing on what matters in these depressing times.

Each chapter was given a goal to raise $1868. Any chapter that could raise $5000 would be awarded five PIKE University tuition scholarships to be used at Regional Summits during the 2021-22 academic year.

The fund-raising event was a huge success. Thanks to the contributions of 982 individual donors, over $250,000 was raised. Beta Pi alumni, undergraduate members, and friends of Beta Pi, played a significant part in the success of PIKE Now. As a team effort, Beta Pi was the 2nd largest donor group from all of PiKA’s 204 chapters and provisional chapters. Beta Pi had 43 individual donors that were responsible for raising $20,349.32 toward PiKA’s final total, far exceeding the chapter goal of $1868.

In support of PiKA’s request for donations, Bruce Wolfson ‘71 and Jeff Kaufman ’80 made personal pleas to the Beta Pi brotherhood. Beta Pi’s donors included:

William Scott ‘76                 Paul Zaentz ’69                          Nirmal Roy ‘03

Gary Sachs ’74                    Richard Myers ’69                      Jerry Herman ‘72

Rich Sussman ’69                Stanley Serocca ’66                    Paul Newman ‘73

Alan Shaffran ’84                 Joel Catania ’71                        Bruce Wolfson ‘71

Michael Shein ’83                Scott Lohmann ’75                    Robert Ball ‘78

Jeff Kirstein ’97                   Edward Shamy ’74                    Robert Stavis ‘81

Mitchell Karig ’76                 Stephen Leventhal ’67               Lawrence Orans ‘80

Michael Selikoff ’75              Robert Panetta ’97                    John Feder ‘80

David Edman ’73                 Steven Kreichman ’79               Kaden Stenger ‘19

Scott Rothbort ’79               Frank Kenlon ’74                      Todd Wieseneck ‘72

Richard Buchwald ’77          Lawrence Gordon ’72                George Hoye ‘18

Jeffrey Kaufman ’80            Richard Kopelman ’62               Jeffrey Lehman ‘79

Joel Levine ’70                   Eric Morgenstern ’81                Bruce Robertson ‘82

Marc Rothman ’82              Frederic Rubin ’80                   Samuel Weinstein ‘81

Kenneth Wyman ‘81

Once again, Beta Pi has proven to be one of Pi Kappa Alpha’s exceptional chapters. The above donors confronted the crisis that COVID-19 has created on college campuses throughout the United States and Canada. They have done their part to return a measure of normalcy to our country and to bring Beta Pi back to its position as one of the best fraternities on Penn’s campus.