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CRITICISM OF PENN HOUSING POLICYThe Daily Pennsylvanian, in an issue dated April 4, 2022, has published an opinion piece, authored by Isabella Glassman (Glassman), that criticizes Penn’s Housing Policy as it relates to the Greek community.

This year Penn inaugurated a new housing policy mandate that prohibits sophomores from residing in Greek chapter houses. In addition, all sophomores are required to purchase a Penn meal plan.

As Glassner notes, “Sophomore students…were typically the primary residents of chapter homes”. However, Penn has maintained its position that all chapter houses must continue to be filled. In the absence of a full house, the fraternity is required to pay the rent to Penn for any vacant bedroom. She further states, “The consequences of not filling the chapter home is a major financial burden”. Her solution: “Penn created this policy, so Penn should provide the much-needed financial assistance to cover the costs imposed on Greek chapters who are unable to reach capacity in their homes…Penn should not place an extra financial burden on students, and instead should cover the costs of the homes that were unable to reach capacity, so long as they demonstrate having made an honest effort to fill the homes”. Penn’s chosen liaison with the Greek community, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, in response to complaints on this issue within the Greek community, is to defer responsibility to the Penn administration’s decision not to amend the rules.

Kudos to Isabella Glassman for having brought this injustice on campus to the attention of the entire student population and to The Daily Pennsylvanian for being willing to publish the article.