Alumnus Update

Alumnus UpdateAlumnus John Boccabella, Beta Pi '64 Presides Over Spanier Sentencing

A recent Associated Press news release brought a distinguished Beta Pi alumnus into the national spotlight. John Boccabella, Beta Pi ’64, a Court of Common Pleas judge in Pennsylvania, presided over the sentencing of former Penn State President Graham Spanier. Spanier has remained out on bail since his 2017 conviction for misdemeanor child endangerment for his handling of a complaint about Jerry Sandusky showering with a young boy on the campus of Penn State University.

Judge Boccabella issued an order that Spanier spend a minimum of two months in jail and two months of house arrest. As part of his order, Judge Boccabella gave his approval for the jail time to be served at a jail near Spanier’s home in State College, Pennsylvania, subject to the approval of the county jail wardens, and that Spanier may participate in a work-release program.        

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Alumni Profile - Brother Bruce Wolfson '74

Alumni Profile - Brother Bruce Wolfson '74Alumni Association Vice-President Bruce Wolfson '74 Discusses Brotherhood, Vision, Service and Friendship

Bruce Wolfson, 1974 graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, received The Loyalty Award at Pi Kappa Alpha’s (PiKA) Sesquicentennial International Convention. The award, one of the highest honors bestowed by the fraternity, came after decades of service.

Wolfson, Beta Pi '71 was looking for a fraternity to join when he walked through the doors of Beta Pi, Penn’s PiKA Chapter. He was not, however, expecting to end up there. With family members hailing from different fraternities where he had started building connections, he was unlikely to pledge where he had no relationships. Little did he know, that’s exactly what he’d leave with after that initial visit.

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Alpha Phi Delta Corp. Update

Alpha Phi Delta Corp. UpdateAnnual Beta Pi Alumni Association Meeting Held                  

Prior to the 2019 annual Founders Day event, the annual meeting of the Alpha Phi Delta Corp. and the Beta Pi Alumni Association was convened at the Inn at Penn. Ross Weiner ’80, President of the Beta Pi AA, chaired the meeting. The other Alumni Association officers, Bruce Wolfson ‘71, Vice President, Joel Catania ‘71, Treasurer, and Morty Cohen ‘65, Secretary, were all present. Also in attendance were Fred Bailey ‘70, Bill Kenney ‘69, Harvey Mackler ‘72, Dan Darkes ‘68, Steve Leventhal ‘67, Paul Zaentz ‘69, Mark Perna ‘68, Jeff Kaufman ‘80, Rich Myers ‘69, Ken Widelitz ’69, and Dave Edman ‘73.    

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